Comment on US Office of Personnel Management Data Hack

Here is my comment on the massive personnel data hack at the US Office of Personnel Management, mentioned in this 7/10/15 story in the Wall Street Journal, “OPM Director Katherine Archuleta Resigns After Massive Personnel Data Breach”

“The results of this data loss will reverberate for a century — if we can survive it. I’m afraid the data will, among other things, be sold to the highest bidders. The reaction of the White House reminds me of a typical and recurring Chicago Way moment, after a political appointee messes up an agency or bureau — “Oh, now we’re going to have to hire a real expert to run the place” — until the real expert fixes things up well enough so the next political appointee can be hired. Real change includes reform, but somehow the reform got left out of the change agenda. . .”

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