Without a Legislative and Regulatory Reform Agenda, Police Reform Related to Deadly Force and the Suppression of Evidence Will Fail

So far, activists protesting the killing of Laquan McDonald by Chicago Police have naively generated no viable legislative or regulatory change agenda.

Without such an agenda, in the end all their public demonstrations will be for naught, and some day, there will be another such killing, and another such suppression of evidence by rogue police. So far, hucksters and anarcho-tourists without any real legislative or regulatory agenda have dominated the activist response, which means that, in the end, all the activism is about them, and not about lasting, effective change.

Much more formality needs to be added to the process for police to acquire security video from the proximity of crime scenes, so that such acquisitions are a matter of public record and that the data are protected. Police hiding and/or alteration / destruction of video and phone records related to any crime should be subject to stringent federal penalties, both to the perpetrators and to the offending police department.

Police internal regulations can also be changed, as can the law governing the use of deadly force, in order to limit deadly force and in order to protect evidence. Now is the time to obtain commitments from mayors, governors, legislators, and regulators, for real legislative and regulatory change. The activists instead are focusing on replacing officials without demanding a legislative and regulatory change agenda.

But as is often the case in political action, identity maintenance supporting the egos of the activists or supporting their favored candidates and not supporting real legislative or regulatory change is dominating the scene.

Until the activists go back to school on how to change laws and to change regulations, they will remain glorious failures, and in the end will have accomplished nothing of substance. What a lost opportunity!

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