Aphorism XCIII

Marx tried, and failed, to establish a science of history.

Husserl tried, and failed, to philosophically ground the sciences.

Wanting to change the world for the better, the post-WWII generations weakened science by politicizing it in their own images. The world they did change, but not for the better, because they had weakened science by casting it within their own self-idolatry.

Over two centuries of failed efforts to philosophically ground the sciences indicate the difficulty of the task. But science will not progress to significantly improve the world until the sciences are philosophically grounded.

To invoke today’s weakened science as the hope of humanity would indeed be folly, since science now subsumes and is delimited by the political flavor of the week. The sciences must be rebuilt by philosophy in concert with enduring human and Divine values. But who is capable of this difficult challenge, which involves lifetimes of analysis and work, not the spewing of easy rhetoric?

Therefore, we are stuck with easy rhetoric, with clever narratives leading mostly nowhere, and with human knowledge subservient to partisan interests, rather than knowledge informing and strengthening human community and wisdom freeing the human spirit.

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