Violent Language from the Proponent of an Anti-Bullying Campaign

Sex advice columnist and MTV personality Dan Savage has gained note of late for his anti-bullying campaign, It Gets Better, and for a recent White House invitation.

But I recall that the same Dan Savage was the author of some of the most violent and threatening language in print, for example, in his November, 17, 2006 column–

The ex-gay thing is over. It’s dead. It was b______ from the start, and it’s b________ now. And I will personally track down and b____-slap the next fundie douche who sends me an e-mail explaining how Jesus can cure me. And I will personally track down and _____ in the mouth of the next cable-news anchor who entertains—even for an instant—the notion of a miracle cure for homosexuality.

Consider yourself warned, Paula Zahn.—Dan

Dan Savage, Savage Love column, 11/17/06, accessed 7/5/11

I have not found a record of Mr. Savage disavowing his earlier, violent language. It is therefore very contradictory that the author of such violent statements should be on the college speaking circuit, featured in newspapers and media internationally, and honored by a White House invitation.

I hope Mr. Savage does disavow his earlier threatening and violent statements. They are still quite present on the Internet, speaking louder than his present words against bullying.

For more current violent and scatological language by Mr. Savage, please see minute 2:30 and forward of the following video. Warning: content not appropriate for children.

Mr. Savage is also known for his recurrent defense of anal intercourse as a sexual practice. He included a gross and snide remark about Benedict XVI into a 2009 column in this regard.

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