Miriam Grossman MD on the Window of Fertility, and on Sense and Sexuality

Miriam Grossman, MD is a fully-accredited psychiatrist who worked for over 10 years at UCLA treating over 1,000 college students. She came to the conclusion that political correctness about sexual liberty worked against her patients’ best health interests, and thus began a journey that led her to author two books on the subject.

Here is a Google Books preview of Unprotected. Here’s a preview of You’re Teaching My Child What?

One of Dr. Grossman’s most persuasive presentations appeared on C-Span’s Book TV, during which she discussed the case of a female graduate student who waited too long to try to have children, and the toll this delay took upon this young woman. This story can speak to thousands of women in academic and professional life, and lead men to better understand the predicament of young women. For Dr. Grossman, reproductive freedom “includes the freedom to reproduce.”

Dr. Grossman backs up her presentations with multiple scientific references. She challenges the comfortable assumptions taught to children and young adults in our schools. She also prepared a pamphlet for college-age women on Sense and Sexuality.

Science by its very nature leads us to challenge our assumptions. If you already know all the answers, then perhaps you can ignore Dr. Grossman’s message. But if you are ready to be challenged and to learn something new, then click here.

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