The Reduction of Motherhood

When comedian Bill Cosby’s cartoon character Fat Albert once said that “Motherhood is the prevention of necessity,” he was on to something.

Motherhood is the most transcendent of all natural human activities. It belies description, cataloging, and analysis. No set of rules, procedures, and activities can be composed to substitute for what a loving mother can do to advance another human being.

The current postmodern attempt to enumerate rights and accommodations in society–and specifically in the workplace–equivalent to those proper to mothers is a continuing and farcical disaster, for which future ages will hold our own age in scorn and derision.

Mothers are by their very nature special and exceptional. They move in a meta-political modality, with a timeless perspective based upon the present object of their love and attention. Mothers form a parallel and complementary society transcending place and nation, binding together the human community without borders or limits.

Debates on the nature of marriage are corollary to the nature of motherhood. As long as gestation is allowed to continue in the human female body, mothers will have special needs, duties, rights, and accommodations, and the success of human society will depend on whether these perquisites of mothers are present and effective.

Grounding these perquisites is a limited resource: the fact that female fertility declines rapidly in the fourth decade of life–a woman’s thirties–a boundary beyond which technology has not significantly advanced past a success rate of 10% within a narrow band of reproductive stratagems.

Successful motherhood, like successful housing and education, is called by economists a composite good: the economy supporting motherhood must work in order for motherhood to succeed. But sometimes this economy is not a village, but literally the household upon which the word economy is based. Still–but for how long?–this successful composite economy is a couple, a male and female wed and covenanted for life.

All of the same-sex couples in the world comprise but a tiny fraction of all households, in many countries–including many developed countries–less than one percent of all households. A much smaller fraction of these same-sex couple households care for children.

In order to enumerate universal equality pertaining to the rights and duties of parenting in all possible circumstances, and in order to accommodate a significant hedonistic heterosexual cohort that fears the responsibilities of parenting while seeking pleasure without commitment, the perquisites of mothers have been compromised for the better part of five generations.

The resultant reduction in the standing of mothers has led to increased violence, narcissism, lack of social cohesion, nihilism, depression, and fragmentation in society. The approval of same-sex marriage is but a mere point on the continuum of decline in the standing of motherhood.

The approval of same-sex marriage will not establish a plateau of social and egalitarian stability. Motherhood will continue to be socially eviscerated, because elite social pressures will persist in calling for one, common, low, and indeterminate standard for human relating which does not differentiate between faithful marital commitment and promiscuity. Motherhood will continue to be reduced so that it is indistinguishable in social standing from the hoarding of pets.

Whether the reduction of motherhood proceeds to this bitter end greatly depends on whether today’s cohort of young adults can discover the meaning of motherhood, and of all that mothering truly entails in terms of human commitment and faithfulness.

One can argue over various natural law views of family, but the natural law pertaining to mothers is indestructible. Motherhood precedes and establishes law and economics. Without the products and goods produced by motherhood, law and economics have no content, no object, and no purpose.

For this very reason, mothers are the true targets of the nihilists, the atheists, and the totalitarians who would move human gestation to the labs and build a scarred subhuman society in their own twisted image.

Motherhood is the foundation of the good society. It is the ever-erupting vestige of natural, spontaneous decency and love in a world driven by destruction, hate, and despair. It is the relentless pushing of life into the light of being and becoming. All of the rest of human activity to motherhood are but forms of midwifery and husbandry. Those jealous of the power of mothers need to accept these realities and these obligations.

The hatred of and fear of the female and her role as mother lies at the root of human destructiveness. This is why the dragon strikes at the woman.

Motherhood therefore does prevent the necessity of an otherwise inevitable extinction. We need to better understand and support what mothers do, and all that mothering entails. Only then is a better society possible.

“Have you not read that from the beginning the Creator ‘made them male and female’ and said, ‘For this reason a man shall leave his father and mother and be joined to his wife, and the two shall become one flesh’? So they are no longer two, but one flesh. Therefore, what God has joined together, no human being must separate.” Matthew 19:4-6

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