PBS Frontline program: The Dancing Boys of Afghanistan

Very late last night, I watched a shocking PBS Frontline program on organized pedophilia and pederasty in Afghanistan, supported by some of the wealthy, and engaged in by some of the warlords or former warlords.

The program reveals a despicable cultural practice with quite ancient roots in many cultures, putting music and dance to work in dressing up the exploitation of boys, in what is called in this case “bacha bazi”–


The direct link to the program is at–


I do not advise watching the program unless you are prepared to be saddened and shocked.

It wouldn’t surprise me if somehow government dollars are supporting some of the individuals, especially warlords or former warlords, who are engaging in this exploitation of young boys.

Radhika Coomaraswamy was one of the first to speak out against bacha bazi–


The Wikipedia page–


In case the Wikipedia page is vandalized, here is the reference link–

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I’ll have more to say about this topic in the next 24 hours. I do note as a caution that since this documentary was prepared within a country at war, it may, despite its factual nature, be put to work by different factions for different political purposes. That point aside, the exploitation of children must be stopped.

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