The Politicization of the IRS

There are few outrages that seriously undermine trust in a US presidential administration and in the US Government in general more than the use the Internal Revenue Service for political purposes.

The recent, very credible charge by the National Organization for Marriage that their donor list was leaked by the IRS to the Human Rights Campaign, a pro-LGBTQ organization, as mentioned among similar IRS violations by the Wall Street Journal here and here, complicated by the President’s close ties with the Human Rights Campaign as evidenced by his 2011 address to them, will harm more than the present administration. Similar reports about the IRS impeding the applications of pro-life organizations can be found here.

Violations of public trust by a tax bureaucracy travel wide and deep throughout society, and build momentum until their consequences are overwhelming.

No amount of spin, or pivoting, or political Teflon can withstand the outrage of citizens over their tax system becoming politicized and suborned by influential factions.

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