German Homeschoolers’ Children Seized by State

On 8/29/13, about 20 police, social workers, and armed special agents raided the peaceful Darmstadt, Germany home of homeschooling activists Dirk and Petra Wunderlich and seized their four children, 7-14. A local family judge named Koenig had reportedly authorized the use of force, even against the children.

Apparently, some in Germany are very threatened by homeschooling. The Darmstadts were reportedly told they would not be seeing their children “anytime soon.”

It also appears that the authorities are making an example of the Wunderlichs. But such ham-handed suppression of basic human rights will only in the end embarrass not only Judge Koenig and the German state, but every individual involved in this disproportionate action.

Here is a link for further background on the story, with information also about where to write to appeal for more humane treatment of the Wunderlich family.

For decades, when the world thought of a German judge, it thought of the rabid Nazi Roland Freisler, who sent many innocent people like Sophie Scholl of the White Rose to their deaths. Perhaps the world will now learn Judge Koenig’s name instead.

Nothing seems to threaten an authoritarian educational bureaucrat more than homeschooling. But German society is more than healthy and strong enough to withstand the existence of even a few hundred homeschooling families. It may, however, take more than a generation for German educational leadership to come out of their bunker and acknowledge homeschooling rights.

In the mean time, my heart goes out to the Wunderlich family, and my prayers go with them. This linked website shows other ways you can help the Wunderlichs.

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