Dame Maria Boulding, OSB, 1929-2009

In rereading the Confessions of St. Augustine this past year, I turned again to what I consider one of the best English translations, if not the very best, that of Dame Maria Boulding, OSB, 5/3/1929-11/11/2009.

Source: TimesOnline

Sr. Boulding, who lived for a time as a hermit, had an amazingly beautiful command of English prose. Both as a translator of Augustine, and as a spiritual writer in her own right, few are her equal. For more about her life, see–



Sr. Boulding’s Advent book, The Coming of God, is not only a spiritual masterpiece, but one of the most artful expressions of English composition I have encountered in many a year. If you click on the “Look Inside” option at the Amazon link for The Coming of God above, and begin reading the “First Pages,” you’ll see what it is like to be led by a master guide. It is difficult to decide what was the most beautiful about Maria Boulding’s writing: her spiritual insights, or her flowing, inspired language that speaks directly to the heart and soul of her reader. Move over, Thomas Merton. No, move way over.

Sr. Boulding had just completed, three days before her death, her long-awaited Easter book, informed by her own sufferings from cancer, Gateway to Resurrection, which is expected to be released in August, 2010 by Continuum.

Will someone please start a Wikipedia page for Dame Maria Boulding, OSB?

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  2. John Burbridge says:

    Dame Maria ‘s writings strengthened and consolidated my Catholic faith.
    She was an inspiring Benedictine nun.

  3. John,

    Thanks! Dame Maria’s books and translations are masterful. Indeed, she was a blessing to us from the Lord.

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