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Garry Wills Erred on St. Edith Stein

Saturday, October 10th, 2015

The purpose of this blog post is to put into the public record that noted author Garry Wills erred significantly in his statement about the martyrdom of St. Edith Stein, on page 55 of his 2000 book Papal Sin: Structures of Deceit, when he wrote:

There are no reported indicators to say, “These we are killing as Jews but those as Catholics.”

On page 103-4 of Edith Stein: A biography, by Waltraud Herbstrith,1985, Herbstrith wrote:

“At Amersfoort, the retaliatory nature of the arrests became apparent. Protestant Jews and those of partly Jewish descent were quickly released, but the Catholic Jews remained under arrest, together with approximately a thousand other Jewish prisoners.”

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