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Aphorism XCII

Monday, December 7th, 2015

Atheists argue that if religion were abolished, violence would be reduced.

Let’s assume for a moment that that atheists had their way, and that all religion were to instantly vanish from the earth.

Would the world then be peaceful?

No, because people would continue to kill each other for ideology, as they did after the French, Russian, Chinese, and Cambodian Revolutions.

But suppose then that we abolished ideology from the earth. Would fewer people kill each other?

No, because people would continue to kill each other for class, nation, and ethnicity.

But suppose all people belonged to one common ethnic group and one nation and there was total class equality? Would fewer people kill each other?

No, because there would be regional and personality conflicts.

But suppose every person in the human race were cloned to be exactly the same, and reduced to one gender?

No, because there would still be regional and other sources of jealousy.

But suppose there were only one person on earth?

No, because the unredeemed human person is at war with oneself.

Therefore, the atheist fantasy that atheism brings peace is simply that: a fantastic panacea. And none of the reductions in human culture imagined above could be accomplished without the establishment of a worldwide police state which would kill many more persons in the process of reduction.

Peace comes from conversion of mind and soul leading to kindness and mercy to others. This peace is related to Christ’s peace, the peace the world cannot give (John 14:27).

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