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How to Resolve the Illinois State Budget Deadlock

Monday, January 18th, 2016

With news in the WSJ that poor students have to drop out of college in Illinois because of the budget deadlock, it is time to apply extreme pressure on the Illinois legislature and governor to pass a budget for FY2016. My solution to the Illinois state budget deadlock is therefore quite simple:

Congress can pass a law that no federal transportation funds can go to a state that does not have a legislated budget in place for its current fiscal year contemporaneous with the federal fiscal year in which transportation funds are allocated to states or spent by states, including funds allocated from previous fiscal years.

Because the Illinois political gravy train runs on road repairs and the money the contractors and unions kick back to politicians from road repairs and from other capital spending (haven’t you noticed that every single road in the Chicago area is under construction despite the State of Illinois having not passed an FY2016 budget?), the Illinois politicians and their political funds would shortly be brought to their knees if federal transportation funds dried up. With no capital funds to dole out, and projects put to a halt, Illinois politicians would soon have no power to make anyone rich, and few would have any money to give to politicians. Such a move by Congress would end the Illinois budget stalemate pronto.

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