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Dorothy Day meets John Courtney Murray: Cardinal George’s farewell to USCCB presidency

Friday, November 19th, 2010

Francis Cardinal George, Archbishop of Chicago, gave the speech of his life on 11/15/10 during his farewell to the presidency of the US Conference of Catholic Bishops.

In this wide-ranging and stirring address, which covered health care, the connection between social justice and life issues, church unity, public Catholicism, and religious persecution, from “empirical,” “ecclesiological,” and “practical” standpoints, Cardinal George especially called for an end to religious persecution in Iraq, telling the story of a little three-year-old boy named Adam killed by terrorists after he told the terrorists, “Enough,” upon their killing of his own parents.

During the USCCB Conference, Cardinal George also read a letter to President Obama, appealing for US aid to Christians in Iraq.

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Religious Persecution in Eritrea

Monday, November 1st, 2010

Some of the most severe religious persecution on Earth takes place in the country of Eritrea on the Eastern coast of Africa. Unfortunately, these abuses of human freedom have escaped the notice of most mass media.

Reports of the Eritrean imprisonment of Christians in sun-baked metal shipping containers and dungeons–in both cases without sanitation–persist, leading refugees to flee to neighboring countries.

The Institute on Religion and Public Policy stated in its 2009 report on religious persecution in Eritrea that:

“The religious freedom situation in Eritrea is widely recognized by both governmental and non-government actors and agencies to be among the worst in the world.”

Another recent report cites the detention of eleven Christians, and the continued house arrest of Abune Antonios, patriarch of the Eritrean Orthodox Church deposed by the Marxist Eritrean government in 2007.

Further background details are available in the US State Department 2007 report on religious persecution in Eritrea.

This vicious combination of religious persecution and abusive torture resembles that of the persecution of Catholics under Elizabeth I of England, in which prisoners were similarly cast into unsanitary dungeons or pits.

In the midst of this religious persecution, Eritrea has deepened its ties with Iran, turned away from the UN and other “Western interests,” and sought to support Iran’s nuclear development program.

The first thing that can be done is for the world media to turn their eyes on Eritrea, and to reveal how Iran, Cuba, and other rogue states are supporting this great injustice.

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