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Evacuate Christians and Other Minorities from Iraq and Syria Now to Avoid Complete Genocide

Thursday, July 2nd, 2015

Given that no world power is willing to step in to effectively defend the Christians and other minorities in Iraq and Syria facing genocide and slavery by ISIS, the only realistic alternative to genocide is to evacuate the minorities — NOW. The minorities must be sheltered by all countries of good will.

The lack of effective defense of these minorities will be seen by a future age as a great crime of neglect and cowardice. Personally, I am ashamed at the lack of action by our government.

As long as the Iran nuclear deal is the predominant Western concern with the Middle East, no Western power would arm or significantly aid any but Shiite factions in Iraq or Syria, lest the talks be disrupted. This geopolitical realpolitik has sadly made the Christian and other non-Shiite minorities in Iraq and Syria expendable and subject to the attacks of ISIS. The Western powers therefore have a moral obligation to evacuate the Christians if they are not going to defend them.

One charity that “supports the rescue, restoration, and return of Middle Eastern Christians and other ethno/religious people to a home where they can live and practice their faith free from fear” is the Cradle Fund. Please support the Cradle Fund.


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A Coming Permanent State of War?

Sunday, September 8th, 2013

Statist elites who are pushing for war may have more than geopolitical purposes for their actions, but also a domestic agenda, for it is historically through a militarized society that cultural change can be guided and enforced by the state.

It would extremely naive to assume that radical statist elites wishing to reshape society would settle for a limited war without an enforced militarization of youth that would then form future generations.

As the present US administration nears its final years, I continue to look for statist attempts to lock societal cultural change into stone. What better way to do that than to put a country on a permanent war footing, and to militarize and manipulate younger generations through forms of conscription and enforced public service.

But the cost may be too high, and the result too unpredictable: At least four forces of power stand against the United States in the Syria conflict: Iran and its client radicalized Shiite forces, radicalized Sunni forces backed by petrodollars, the Russian federation, and China. Each is capable not only of expanding the scope of conflict geopolitically, but also of disrupting the infrastructure and trade in the developed world through Internet weapons and through both conventional force and asymmetrical terror and disruption. Each of these four forces has a vested interest in toppling the United States from a dominant world position. The situation is unpredictably complex, and therefore, predictably unmanageable. To attempt a “manageable” war at this point may well be folly.

As Iran nears completion of its nuclear apprenticeship, the world also stumbles toward war. I pray that we find a way to remain at peace.

Here is the video for the 9/7/13 Vigil of Prayer for Peace at St. Peter’s Square in Rome. The homily of Pope Francis begins at minute 1:17:40 —

Here is the complete English text of his impassioned call for peace..

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